How I got into modelling

and how I can help you do the same

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The picture that go me noticed


My Modelling

When I started modelling it was to keep my husband quiet and I'm sure you too have had your partner suggesting you get your clothes off. Obviously this is sometimes just for their benefit, but often it is because they think you are a pretty lady who should do it. After a number of years I finally gave in and allowed myself to get my top off in a field hanging over his motorbike before I quickly put my clothes back on and said, "come on, let's go home now". Of course, when I saw the pictures he had taken I realised I didn't look as frumpy as I thought I would.

Due to a bit of bad luck the company I worked for was closed down and I began the hunt for another job. Then hubby suggested I put my body to work, so I told him I was not going to become a prostitute. Once I'd calmed down and listened to what he really meant I allowed him to open an account on the site Purestorm and I haven't looked back.

Currently I have a list of jobs waiting for me, some are paid jobs and some are TFCD. I have to be honest, I do find paid jobs make me a bit more nervous as I am expected to do something right, whereas a TFCD I feel less obliged to be perfect. I know this is wrong and many photographers like the casual moments and will take pictures of me putting my shoes on or bending down to pick up something i dropped.

I have found the niche I fit into and work at it. Hopefully I will get noticed a bit more soon as I am going to be in That's Life magazine soon and also in H&E for August. The more you are seen the more you will be wanted, this is a nice job to be in.

So far I have done fashion, lingerie and then glamour, including topless and nude, both implied and straight. Currently I have received a lot of interest in more adult work. Please don't do this if you have family who may not be open to such things. I would hate to think what my dad would say if he was still alive if he saw some of my pictures, but it pays well. A tog once told me, most women will model fashion, a smaller number will do lingerie, a smaller number of these will model topless, an even smaller number of those will model nude, then only a fraction of them will do adult and an even smaller number will do hardcore. Now being photographed for a publication like those on the top shelf of many magazine stalls will pay well, but just think how people (old friends, aunts and uncles) may treat you if they happen to see you looking back at them from a magazine front cover. Only do work you are proud enough to show to your mum.







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