How I got into modelling

and how I can help you do the same

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Welcome to this site I have created to help you to get into modelling from my own experience. Take a look around, go to the sites I recommend and once you are ready (and not before) take the first step into modelling and get some pictures taken.

There are many forms of modelling, from standing in front of a camera on your own through to catwalking someone's new season collection on the runway in front of an audience of people from the industry and a few famous faces you might know.

You may have an idea of what modelling is and how it works, but always remember you are only one part of it. At the very minimum there will be 2 of you. You and the photographer, but it can include a make-up artist, hair dresser, choreographer, designer, lighting, other models plus you and the photographer. Please remember modelling is an industry, not just you and your boyfriend taking pictures on a nice summer's day on the back lawn in your favourite dress.

Like all industries there are words and phrases you will need to understand, not knowing these can get you into trouble, so please read the relevant sections or go to the Glossary.

I was lucky, I was spotted by using a photo that shows off my best assets. If you have a part of you that other people have mentioned looks good, use it. I am regularly asked to go to shoots, some paid, some TFCD because people have seen my pictures on either my own site or on one of the modelling site I subscribe to. Get yourself on out there and get noticed.

Please visit some of my sponsors listed on the side and check out the products offered by the companies advertising on the top and to the left as these companies enable me to keep this site up and running.

Some of the sites advertising offer some nice little girly products (you know what I mean) that I use here at home and on some shoots too. Many of the clothes you will see me modelling in came from these companies as well, so please give them a go.




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